Put CHARLIE in your life and make your dreams come true…

About Charlie´s Method

This video tells the story of Charlie

Charlie´s Method Advantages

  • Personalize Coach

    Charlie will be your booster. With him you may go across his story at the same time that you reach yours. He will guide you, he will be your vision bearing.

  • Acompaniment

    You wont be alone, throughout seven weeks you will count on a flesh and blood guide, and a group of travellers like you, to make it out of the cloud…

    You will form of our community, intended for share propel us.


  • Game it!

    Reach your target dreams playing from and when you want to. You will stablish your own goals plus this is much cheaper than a consultant.

Get on board towards your dream.

Charlie, your vision-dream guide, will guide you through an online game to make you define your dream, to trace an action plan and discover how to overcome your fears and boost your habilities to reach it.

Through your path you´ll be companioned by your virtual Charlie and a group of travellers like you, to whom you may share your doubts and achivements on weekly virtual meetings.

A seven week personalised experience, designed from the behavioral sciencie to drive your creativity, motivation and self security on self-esteem.

Whether you need to reinvent or simply feel better with yourself, Charlie will always adapt to you.

These are the six Gates of Charlie´s Method.

Discoved on wich Gate you are.

To whom is Charlie´s Method for?

Charlie is for anyone who has the following symptoms:

  • Dissatisfaction
  • Doesn’t know what they want
  • Fear of change
  • Insecurity
  • Low self-esteem
  • Lack of confidence
  • Lack of perseverance
  • Inconsistent
  • Feeling of emptiness

Charlie can help you with his method




Charlie has lots of followers and this is where they post their experiences.


Consultor de RRHH 

«Ábrete, déjate llevar, confía… Bea te ayudará a descubrir lastres propios que no imaginabas estaban ahí y a potenciar ideas que ya tienes dentro de tí.»


Profesora de Pilates

«Bea es una experiencia diferente, actúa como un cable que te conecta con tu yo interior.»


Diseñador de producto

«Para mí Bea es una sonriente luz que te ayuda a descubrir y potenciar tus propios recursos mientras te guía y te motiva para aplicarlos de forma eficiente»



«Aprovecha la oportunidad, porque no vas a encontrar a nadie que te asesore mejor, y que lo haga con mejor voluntad»


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